Month: February 2014

Welcome to Sydney

First day selfie down at Circular Quay.

First day selfie down at Circular Quay.

It’s been three days since we arrived in Sydney, and it’s hard to believe that after so many months of thinking about this we’re actually here. To be honest, these first few days have been a bit of a blur and were largely spent running around to do errands that would have been simple at home but have been amazingly time-consuming here.¬†Setting up a bank account took over two hours. Getting cell phones took over an hour-and-a-half. Even grocery shopping takes more time than you’d think when you’re starting from scratch. (more…)

Four Days in Fiji

Four relaxing days by the pool in Fiji.

Four relaxing days by the pool in Fiji.

After more than 11 hours in the air, we arrived in Fiji, the second stop on our journey to Sydney. Fiji is technically made up of thousands of islands. The largest, Viti Levu, where we are staying, is about the size of the Big Island in Hawaii; the vast majority of the islands, however, are far too small to live on.¬†In fact, only 332 of the islands are deemed inhabitable, and of those only 106 are actually inhabited. (more…)

The City of Angels

A final good bye.

A flight from Boston to Sydney takes over 22 hours and, rather than put ourselves through that fun, we decided to break our trip up with a couple of stops. First up was a day in Los Angeles.

Our friend Sonia (who Ryan went to B school with) picked us up at LAX and took us around for the day. We started by going to the Getty Center, which I have to say is one of the most impressive museums I’ve ever been to. We only saw a fraction of the collection, but what I liked most about it was the spectacular setting of this sprawling complex up in the hills overlooking the city below. (more…)

A Farewell to Boston

bostonGetting ready to move to a new country, particularly one that’s so far away, is exhausting. The to-do list is endless. Secure the visas, check. Find temporary housing, check. Hire the movers, check. Purge all of our old stuff, check. Buy a bunch of new stuff, check. A huge shout out to Ryan for handling more than his fair share of these burdens. (more…)